Luxury Bamboo Comfort Mattress

It has a special Pro-Nature core, made with natural materials so that our body rests in a natural environment.

899,00 €

The Luxury Bamboo Comfort Mattress contains a layer of 100% breathable open-pored Eco-Fresh viscosoft that provides comfort by directly affecting the 7 rest areas. It is composed of natural fibers of bamboo cane with high silicon content, indicated to combat joint problems.

The high natural fiber content of the bamboo in the making of this mattress, makes the bamboo act actively on the body helping to eliminate toxins from the body, stimulating circulation and drainage for the regeneration of skin cells. A special Pro-Nature core, made with natural materials so that the body rests in a natural and ecological environment. Thanks to the component of Silicon the pains of the bones are diminished. These bamboo fibers contain a very high degree of elasticity which allows an adaptation of the body releasing tensions and achieving a deep state of relaxation.

Height 21 cm +/-

Viscosoft Eco-Fresh 2 cm.

Pro-Nature Core High Resistance

Special padding of natural fibers with Bamboo Therapy.

High ventilation micro-tubes 3D.

Anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-mold treatment.

100% breathable interlaced three-dimensional fabrics in lower layer.

3D perimeter fabric.

Thermoregulable, freshness in summer and warmth in winter.


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