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For a healthy life it is necesary to have a good rest, the most important is not only the number of hours sleep, also  the quality of them, is not the same sleep than  rest.

For that , next to rest on a good mattress, it is very important to establish a set of habits before going to bed and watch your diet, 30% of the population suffers sleep disorders.

It has always been said that sleep is important not to dine in excess and avoid heavy dinners is also important to dinner at least half hour before going to bed.


In addition there are a number of foods that promote sleep onset and regulate serototina levels (a substance that is present in neurons and performs functions of neurotransmitter), these foods are rich in protein.


Here we detail some:

-Turkey meat

- Eggs

- Milk


- Whole wheat bread and whole grains

- Nuts: walnuts, almonds etc.

It is also important not to drink coffee before going to sleep as it will not help you sleep, you can replace the coffee for some relaxing infusion as lime, lemon balm and valerian, which have relaxing properties.

If you smoke You should not abuse the snuff before going to bed because nicotine as caffeine is a stimulant, so try to avoid smoking before going to sleep, let alone the last cigarette habit smoking in bed just before sleep.

We hope you find them useful these tips we propose, because if You have a good mattress and if you follow these small steps sure you have a sweet and happy dreams.


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