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Choosing a mattress for our children is a very important decision, because as parents the most important thing is to assure a good rest and wellbeing.

When choosing a mattress for them is very important not to get carried away by the colors and attractive designs, this is fine if the quality of the mattress accompanies, but the basic premise has to be to buy a good quality mattress.


We describe some of the most important tips to consider:


- Do not buy second-hand mattresses or accept mattresses from family, friends etc. that are used.

- Buy mattresses made of natural materials friendly to the environment and certified tissue.

- Note that the child's weight will vary depending grows.

- Buy a mattress that is resistant and breathable, ie it is very important for the welfare of our children that the mattress will not sink as this may cause them many problems in its growth stage.

- If possible made with hypoallergenic materials to avoid allergies and skin problems.

- Although it is estimated that the lifetime of a mattress is 10 years, it is advisable to change the mattress of our children every 5 years, since at this time the weight of our son will have changed considerably.

- Very important to consider the strength and comfort it, choose mattresses with core HR, as this type of nuclei not ensure that the mattress does not sag.


It is recommended to choose a spring mattress with viscoelastic padding or directly a viscoelastic mattress.

If we opt for purchasing a memory foam mattress, we must keep in mind that unlike what many believe, the best mattress is not the most layers of viscoelastic has, since the more layers of viscoelastic have a mattress more sink us at.


What we get with the viscoelastic is the adaptability of the body to the mattress, ie the mattress has to be adaptable and avoid pressure points but maintain the natural curvature of the spine, we get this with a mattress having maximum 5 cm visco.


So keep in mind that the core is always the most important because good core HR guarantee us the firmness of the mattress and ideal weight distribution.





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