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Although the existing range of mattresses is very broad, sure we've seen a mattress that will be  purchased but ultimately we have not done because some of its characteristics did not  fit what we wanted, the fabric did not like, it was very expensive for the services offered, the core was low density etc.

Since our mattress will be our companion dreams for a long time, when buying a mattress is very important to make the right decision.

We as manufacturers are aware of this and adapt to the needs of our customers, so we try to offer a range of varied mattresses to not have problems in choosing his.

However if you do not find what you want, you  can manufacture your mattress as an excellent value for money, choosing from the outer fabric, the material (spring, latex, vicoelástica, foaming etc) the core of it, to the measures, if they are different from the usual.

If in our catalog did not  find any mattress you like but want to make any change to it, please contact us and one of our consultants will advise you on what you want without any commitment, because for us the most important is that it is satisfied with your purchase and ensure an excellent rest at a good price.

We can assure you will be surprised because you will see that buying a  tailor made mattress is not as expensive.


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