Vipernake Eye Massager

169,00 €

Show your eye and face without stress, get rid of dark circles and eye bags. Vipernake eye massager is a high tech modern wireless device that through a vibrating massage, warm compress, with acupuncture point’s effect living you with brighter and perfect looking eyes. Results:

• Reduce eye bag

• Dark circles and wrinkles

• Relax the eye

• Disappear eye fatigue

Vipernake eye massager is built in with soft relaxing sounds, which permits relaxation of your body during massage.

This device adapts to all face shapes, providing comfortable feeling while using the device.

Also it has a health function, suitable for people who suffer from Pseudomyopia, a perfect idea for people who spend much time on screens, such as computer, TV etc. or long time sport activities that need eye relaxation.

Not only that it gives health to your eyes, it helps to beautify them by removing the dark circles and wrinkles from your face.

They give good anti-aging effects by reducing wrinkles around the eyes. For those working at night, on the computer, eye bags are the most complained issue. This eye massager has proved themselves to be a good solution for eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness.They greatly reduce crow’s feet and visible lines.

Moreover, it helps to improve your overall sleeping patterns. So, this reduces stressrelated issues which give you further beautiful results.

Vipernake eye massagers come with a rechargeable battery. This makes them portable to carry with you. It is recommended to use 15 minutes (one cycle) each time, the device will stop automatically after 15 minutes of operation by default setup.


• Model: VP-0.5

• Charging port: Micro USB

• Charging voltage: DC 5V/500mA

• Built in lithium battery: 3.7V/1450mAh

• Weight: 236g

• Box size: 188x66x40mm

It has CE quality certificate according to the European Union requirements.