Natura Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Double feeling of Comfort: Thanks to the new Natursense system that gives the sleeper a double sense of comfort, thus increasing the perception of the "Cloud" effect. With absolute breathability, a total distribution of pressure points and complete freedom of movement on the mattress.

1 329,00 €

Height 27 (+ / - 1)

3 cm of viscoelastic + supersoft and fiber todotherm on face A.

2 cm of supersoft and fiber todotherm on face B.

Core HR molded Bodypac.

Exclusive aeration channels.

Composition of the zig-zag core structure to avoid displacement of the components.

Polyester inner sleeve for core protection.

Natursense system on the surface.

Hercules stretch fabric outer cover.

No pressure points on the 11 rest areas.

Special system in quilting and outer fabric to maintain a suitable temperature.

Natural components: fabrics made with natural fibers.

Resistant to fatigue.

Sanitized anti-fungal, anti-mite and antibacterial system.

Special stitching of the edging for a better compactibility,

Microfibre beige and padded with ultrasonic fabric.

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