Viscoelastic Royal Cashmere Mattress

899,00 €

The Visco Natura Cashmere Comfort represents a revolution in the world of mattresses thanks to its great benefits for a minimum price.

It has 7 rest areas distributed along its entire surface, but without pressure points that may cause subsequent discomfort.

It also has a special system of ideal padding to maintain the ideal temperature at each moment of your rest. This is due to its all-natural components and fabrics made with genuine cashmere fibers.

This mattress, in addition, will provide you rest for a long period of time as your Sanitized system will keep you away from fungi, mites and bacteria, thus lengthening the useful life of the mattress.


No pressure points on the 7 rest areas.

Special system padded lid to lid to maintain a suitable temperature.

Natural components: fabrics made with CASHMERE fibers

Molded high density core H.R. Pro-Nature.

Double top layer with Air-Fresh system.

Sanitized anti-fungal, anti-mite and antibacterial system.

Breathable system with anti-humidity 3D in the lower layer.

Special stitched seam security for better compactibility, CASHMERE fabric quilted check.

Mattress height +/- 27 cm.

Each layer of the Visco Luxe mattress has been designed independently to create that "cloud effect" feeling while you sleep.

Its thermosensitive viscoelastic system with 4 cm viscoelastic, open pore and maximum breathability, ensure you the best rest.

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