Exclusive Mattress Self Cooling H28

1 404,00 €

Mattress developed by the R + D + I department of one of the leading rest manufacturers, manufactured in EXCLUSIVE for our brand.

Height 28 cms (+/-)

4cm relaxation system of visco gel + supersoft of last generation, first contact adaptable and fresh, while breathable


VISCOGEL mattress with Cooler® fabric, a new technology applied to rest that will maintain an optimum temperature on the surface throughout the night. In addition, its viscoelastic padding with gel particles also contributes to thermoregulation.


Cooler® technology actively regulates temperature. It uses a phase change material (PCM) that absorbs body heat when the temperature is high, and releases it when the temperature drops, by changing the phase from solid to liquid. This technology has been introduced directly into the thread with which the fabric has been made, using micro-capsules.

IT IS NOT A TREATMENT, it is the fabric itself that incorporates this technology, so that the effect will not be lost over time.

Mattress with great firmness thanks to its core HR AIR COMFORT and with a medium to high degree of adaptability.

HR AIRSENSE high density core that provides great firmness and stability.

System Airsense System: the components that make up this mattress are designed to facilitate the aeration of the equipment, keeping it in optimal hygienic conditions and preventing humidity

Combination of two different layers that give a progressive lying to the mattress. First, a viscoelastic layer with gel particles provides adaptability and freshness. Behind it, an Airsense Soft layer provides softness and breathability.

Silverband in ultrasound luxury finish and high breathability.

The layers of this mattress have been arranged in a progressive way, to offer a gradual welcome achieving a personalized rest and adaptable to the morphology of the sleeper.

Reinforced perimeter with special security stitching for great compactness.

The base layers of this mattress (open cell foam and breathable fibers), help the mattress ventilate from its bottom to the top.

Total independence of beds.

Bottom quilted fabric 3D three-dimensional highly breathable and anti-humidity.

Last generation rest system.

Anatomical and ergonomic.

Valid for articulated bed.

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