PharmaPur Mattress

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The PharmaPur mattress perfectly combines the firmness of the core and the thermoregulatory viscoelastic, a mattress that adapts perfectly to our contours, thus achieving absolute rest and quality. They provide good support to the body by making the spine stay straight when you sleep and to get up without pain.

With 9 rest areas and a padded cover to cover with Farmapur fabric of high grammage and extra soft touch for rest is complete and comfortable. Significantly improves the quality of sleep by improving rest and reducing the ailments of daily physical activity.

Height 27 + - 1 cm. Special 5 cm viscoelastic + high density supersoft system.

Top cover with Farmapur high range fabric, high grammage and superior quality with extra soft touch.

Core of H.R of Very high Density and resistance. No pressure points on the 9 rest areas.

Maximum comfort, improving rest and reducing daily physical discomfort. Bottom cover with highly breathable interwoven 3D fabric with high quality anti-humidity.

Double top layer with Air-Fresh system. Padded plaid band in extra-breathable Green & White fabric. Reinforced monitor, special safety seam for better compactness.

Each layer of the Farmapur mattress is made and designed independently achieving maximum volume and a correct distribution of pressures, minimizing night movements and achieving a "cloud effect". Natural fibers prepared to absorb moisture and eliminate heat.

The breathable material with ventilation increases the air flow to create a healthier and more hygienic sleep environment Sanitized system antifungal, anti-mite and antibacterial. Hygenic rest.Anti allergic, anti static, electro biological, anatomical.Independence Total beds. Durability mattress.

The Farmapur mattress helps improve:

Discomfort in the kidneys, shoulders and neck

Back stiffness

Energy, Quality of rest



Warranty 2 years.

Made in Spain.

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