Visco Magnetic Evolution Mattress

1 604,00 €

Height 28 cms (+/-)

Magnetic Viscoelastic Mattress latest generation 4.0 range, reequlibra body pressure, no pressure points on the 9 rest areas.

Thermosensitive viscoelastic system with 4 cm viscoelastic, open pore and maximum breathability.

BI-COMPONENT core of great firmness formed by the core of high density HR 25 + 2 cms of Viscoelastic on both sides, which provides a perfect surface for the back and adapts according to the weight always returning to its natural posture slowly and soft.

Core manufactured with natural components.

Medium-high firmness.

Improves blood circulation by improving oxygen levels and relieves pain in the spine and waist, thanks to its high density core that eliminates pressure points with a millimeter adaptation of the sleeper.

It has the property of antiescaras.

High-quality MAGNETIC strech fabric lid to lid system, gray color, extra soft touch on both sides, with anti-mite and antiallergic treatment.

Strech fabric breathable and supersoft last generation.

It releases static electricity accumulated during the day improving the quality of rest.

Padded platform in strech + 4D fabric that is a highly breathable and anti-humidity material that provides multiple benefits for rest, with decorative tape and design draft.

Anatomical system

Closed with high resistance smooth rim.

Extra soft touch

OEKO-TEX Certificate - Ensures that all manufacturing materials are not harmful to health.

Vacuum packed

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