Turmalina Capitoné Luxury Mattress

Turmalina Mattress

Height 27 cm.

Visoelastic mattress

Foam core Eliocel HR



20-day trial.

1 199,00 €

Mattress total height +/- 27 cm.

Top side padding COVER TO COVER 5 cm VISCOGRAF + Supersoft.

Cutting-edge profiled pore by pore Viscoelastic, which provides better breathability, softness and immediate recovery.

HR high-density Ultracel core, manufactured with natural components.

Anatomic system.

Top quality Stretch Fabric TURMALINE, 350 g/m2.

Tourmaline is the only natural mineral capable of generating permanent electricity.

It has a wave frequency which is in the range of Far Infra-red Ray, a bioactive form of energy, which acts on human tissue activating cells without skin contact.

It is a natural emitter of negative ions with multiple benefits:

Neutralizes the damage caused by positive ions

Increases the feeling of well-being and quality of life improves.

Improves respiratory function

Improves psychological and physiological conditions

Boosts the immune system

Stimulates cells and tissues

Promotes circulation

It increases the levels of oxygen and stimulates cell vitality

It stimulates the activity of leukocytes

Prevents oxidative stress of unsaturated fatty acids


LUXURY QUILTED top quality padding


3D fabric flower bed, highly breathable and preventing moisture.

Closed with high-resistance smooth edge.

4 handles with wing reinforcements to facilitate the manipulation of the mattress


Certified OEKO – TEX. It guarantees the manufacturing materials are not harmful to health.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Valid for articulated bed.

Vacuum packed.

Certificate of Authenticity Turmaline.

Manufactured in Spain.



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