Royal Gold Memory Foam Mattress

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After a rigorous process of research and development in the materials used, we present the GOLD memory foam mattress, the first mattress on the market with wire and nanoparticles made of GOLD, developed to maximize its benefits for our health, following the guidelines set by the Department's scientists of Medicine of the McMaster University of Ontario, Canada.

Padded face memory foam Bio-Natur®, 3 cms memory foam + Supersoft high density and comfort with super soft thermo sensitive tissue. Great comfort

Height 21 cms (+/-)

Bio-Natur® is a natural memory foam in which components of petroleum have been eliminated and replaced by others of vegetable origin, thus achieving a fresher and healthier rest.

Fabrics and fibers embroidered and impregnated with yarn and gold nanoparticles. GOLD THERAPY.

The fabrics of this fantastic mattress handmade from cover to cover, are embroidered and impregnated with harmless gold nanoparticles and bio natural, and after our trials we conclude that its properties and benefits for our rest are:

Progressively discharge static electricity accumulated by our body.

Great catalytic properties, our blood will oxygenate more while we sleep.

Better blood circulation and better elasticity of our tissues.

It will increase the formation of collagen in our skin, being this more smooth.

It helps speed up the process of burning fat during the course of our sleep.

Anti-inflammatory properties when you have arthritis.

Elimination of odors and anti sweating.

Nucleus Bio Sense H.R Resilence foam, open microcellular structure, allows free circulation of air. Bio Sense is presented with an open pore structure, from one side of the core to the other, thus reducing heat by 40%, compared to another mattress of similar material.

The nucleus has 7 zones for the specific support that different parts of our body require. Total elimination of pressure points.

PaddingTop Cover: each mattress cover is made independently so that the drawing is framed inside the mattress, achieving maximum volume and a correct distribution of the pressures, minimizing nighttime movements.

Upper cover composed of strech fabric of very high weight 400 g / m2, high breathability.

Bottom cover made of fabric with 3D Technology maximum breathability + Soft-Therm fabric 350 grs + microchannels for anti-humidity and anti-perspiration ventilation.

Plataband with Soft Touch system fabric around the perimeter of the mattress to allow a free circulation of air. , quilted in boxes embroidered in Corona + Gold.

Permanent perspiration. Athermic mattress.

Bed independence. Indeformable.

Valid for articulated bed

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 patented system that guarantees that all the materials we use for the manufacture of the mattress comply with the regulations for the manufacture of products free of harmful substances.

Vacuum packed

Certificate of maximum hygiene, environmental commitment.

Anti allergic, anti static, electro biological, anatomical.

Reinforced perimeter, special security stitching for better compactness.


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