Visco Luxury Gold Topper

345,99 €

Extend the life of your mattress thanks to the latest sleep technologies with the Visco Luxury Gold topper.

Gel memory foam combines the superior comfort of memory foam with anti-static, anti-sweat and anti-microbial properties.

It is made up of an innovative system composed of a first layer of comfortable stretch fabric that rests on a core of more than 3cms of Visco bluegel and foam, which is protected by a last layer of mesh that will guarantee an increase in the comfort of any mattress .

This new technology offers greater adaptability and a reduction in pressure points between your mattress and your body, which translates into better rest, firmness and comfort.

It has ionizing effects that help to discharge the static energy that is generated by the movements produced while we sleep, improving the quality of sleep and helping to reduce stress.

Made in Spain

2 years warranty

•       Characteristics:

o Cover 1: Strech Gold fabric

o Core: 3cm of Gel + Supersoft memory foam

o Cover 2: 3D air fresh fabric

o Matching weatherstrip and 4 adjustable rubber bands

• Properties:

o Ventilation valves that provide greater breathability.

o No pressure points on the 11 rest areas.

o Special system in padding and outer fabric to maintain an ideal temperature.

o Natural components: fabrics made with natural fibers.

o Thermoregulatory capacity thanks to the hyperconductivity of the Gel, which will ensure an always optimal temperature.

o Anti-microbial treatment, repels all kinds of foreign organisms.

o Softness and adaptability combined with firm support for a restful and uninterrupted sleep.

o Elegant and modern design with smooth lines and finishes of the highest quality.

o Special natural fabric plus with SANITIZED Patented Anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-mite, anti-allergic, anti-static, anatomical and electro biological system.

o High durability

o Silent

o Ergonomic and with different beds

o Anti-static properties, discharging this electricity when we rest

o Hydrophobic system that repels liquids and prevents the formation of mites and bacteria.

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