Brick Wall Style Headboard

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179,00 €

Upholstered headboard to hang, with a unique style and modern design, designed to blend into any environment, made with high-quality materials and multiple finishing options.

Minimalist design, with a very careful aesthetic with geometric patterns, which will provide a higher level of comfort to your bed, optimizing the space in your bedroom to the maximum, by being able to position the bed so that it fits perfectly with the headboard hanging on the wall, being able to support yourself on a padded and comfortable surface.

Made of chipboard with reinforcement of highly resistant pine wood, 20kgs density foam padding and two types of fabric:

 -Premium Imola Aquaclean fabric, - it is undoubtedly one of the best fabrics on the market, both for its anti-stain treatment and for the quality of the fabrics, Aquaclean is a revolutionary cleaning system, simply with water you can get rid of most stains almost no rubbing.

-High quality Ascona synthetic leather.



Off White - Dark Gray - Light Camel



- HEADBOARD OF 112 x 57 x 5 (FOR BED OF 80 or 110)

PACKAGING SIZE: 114 x 59 x 7

- HEADBOARD OF 152 x 57 x 5 (FOR BED OF 120 - 150)

PACKAGING SIZE: 154 x 59 x 7

- HEADBOARD OF 162 x 57 x 5 (FOR BED OF 160)

PACKAGING SIZE: 164 x 59 x 7

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