Detroit Látex Mattress

Height 20 cm .

100% Latex Core

Stretch fabric BAMBOO 100% natural fibre

Antifungal and hygienic.

390,00 €

Mattress total height +/- 20 cm.

100% Latex Core.

Latex has an open cell structure containing millions of interconnected bubbles. That provides high elasticity and ventilation.

Our latex mattresses are quiet, have anti-mould, antibacterial and anti-mite properties and do not cause allergies.

Anatomic system

Top quality BAMBOO 100% natural fabric Stretch fabric 310 g/m2 great cooling and refreshing properties, high degree of elasticity.

Helps your body get rid of toxins.

It positively deals with neck, cervical and spine pain.

Stimulates the circulatory system

Helps with the active regeneration of cells

It produces effective rest in less time

It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory on muscles and favours relaxation.

Antifungal and hygienic.

High durability.

4 handles with wing reinforcements to facilitate the manipulation of the mattress.

Certified OEKO – TEX. It guarantees the manufacturing materials are not harmful to health.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Certified quality.

Manufactured in Spain.



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