Plus 3D Storage Bed

Height 33 cm.

Interior drawer structure made of rolled steel

Several finishes.

408,00 €


PLUS 3D FOLDING STORAGE BED with great storage capacity composed of:

 Height 33 cm

30x30 interior drawer structure made of rolled steel

Rigid MD wooden top

Front opening with wooden lid

Mattress holder on the headboard to prevent movement

2 longitudinal central reinforcement bars

Rounded edges to prevent blows

High-pressure hydraulic shock-absorber lifts

Different finishes and colours to choose from for both the drawer to the top. (Polyskin, microfibre, 3D fabric+ Ultracell).

Non-slip thread leg plates.




The product is shipped in three parts:


Drawer in two parts.


Product easy to install, including instructions.

To assemble it simply join the two parts of the drawer and mount the hydraulics for opening the lid.

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