Mattress Viscographene Memory Foam Supreme

Mattress Viscographene Memory Foam Supreme

Height 24 cm. +/-

HR high-density Eliocel core, manufactured with natural components.


20-day trial.

990,00 €

Height 24 cm. +/-

Top side padding cover to cover total: 3 cms viscographene + Supersoft cutting-edge


The GRAPHENE is an innovative technology with thermostatic and antibacterial properties, it adapts to your body temperature allowing a rest without accumulation of temperature, is a flexible and resilient and lightweight material highly resistant and durable.

It's a great electrical conductor, release static electricity from the body thus obtaining optimal rest.

It is highly breathable and antihumidity to provide multiple benefits for the rest:

It increases the feeling of well-being and quality of life improving

Its ionizing property promotes physical and mental relaxation increasing the quality of sleep, thus obtaining actual rest in less time.

Improved physiological and psychological conditions

It stimulates cells and tissues

Prevents oxidative stress

Promotes circulation increasing oxygen levels.


HR high density core made of natural components.

Anatomical system.

Aloe Vera SUPREME strech fabric of high quality. 310 g / m2.

Velour gray fabric edging

Smooth edged high strength

Padding on lower side 3D woven fabric highly breathable.

Valid for articulated bed

Certified OEKO – TEX. It guarantees the manufacturing materials are not harmful to health

Fabricado en España.

Vacuum packed

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