Alaska Mattress

Height 16 cm.Bonnel Pocket Spring Mattress

Top Stretch Fabric DAMASK 100% COTTON.

Ideal for auxiliary beds.

Highly breathable TNT padding, resistant, safe and hypo-allergenic

199,00 €

Mattress total height +/- 16 cm.

Biconical core with pocket spring.

Anatomic Bonnel system.

Stretch Fabric DAMASK 100% COTTON.

Thermoregulatory tissue maintains optimum temperature at all times.

Prevents condensation of moisture

Anti-mould and antibacterial


Highly breathable TNT padding, resistant and safe

Prevents the penetration of liquids and microorganisms, reducing the risk of infections.

Polyurethane + Fibre padding adapts to the body shape allowing a better distribution of the body.

Closed with high-resistance smooth edge. .

Thermal felt shock absorbing layer.

High durability.

Certified OEKO – TEX. It guarantees the manufacturing materials are not harmful to health.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Certified quality.

Manufactured in Spain.



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