Visco Luxury Bamboo Therapy Mattress

Bamboo Mattress

Height 26 cm (+/-)

Cloud Effect

Visoelastic mattress

Foam core Eliocel HR


20-day trial. 

1 300,00 €

Mattress total height +/- 26 cm.

4 cm VISCOAIR padding on top side + cutting-edge Supersoft.

Cutting-edge profiled pore by pore Viscoelastic, which provides better breathability, softness and immediate recovery.

CLOUD EFFECT, which provides you with great comfort and relaxation since it avoids all kinds of pressure points.

HR high-density Eliocel core, manufactured with natural components.

Anatomic system.

Top quality BAMBOO 100% natural fabric Stretch fabric 310 g/m2 great cooling and refreshing properties, high degree of elasticity.

Helps your body get rid of toxins.

It positively deals with neck, cervical and spine pain.

Stimulates the circulatory system

Helps with the active regeneration of cells

It produces effective rest in less time

It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory on muscles and favours relaxation.

Flowerbed and padding on lower side, with highly ventilated and anti-humidity 3D fabric.

Closed with high-resistance smooth edge.

4 handles with wing reinforcements to facilitate the manipulation of the mattress.


Certified OEKO – TEX. It guarantees the manufacturing materials are not harmful to health.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Valid for articulated bed.

Vacuum packed.

Certified quality.

Manufactured in Europe.

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